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File Uploading Instructions

To securely send us your digital files up to 1GB (each) please fill out the form below and attach your files (max.15 files at a time). The upload facility is SSL Encrypted.

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1. UK GDPR compliant servers – to use our GDPR compliant SSL secure servers, solely UK based (and of course within the EU for other EU countries) please click here
2. Dropbox – www.dropbox.com (up to 2GB with a free account or 1TB with a paid account) – send files to anna@tptranscription.co.uk
3. WeTransfer – www.wetransfer.com (up to 2GB). WeTransfer offers free file transfers at no cost. You simply enter your details and upload the file (up to 2GB).
4. OneDrive – https://onedrive.live.com/ (up to 15GB). OneDrive offers free file transfers at no cost. Send files to anna@tptranscription.co.uk.
5. Google Drive – https://www.google.co.uk/drive/ (up to 15GB with a free account or 1TB with a paid account) – send files to annatptranscription@gmail.com
6. WhatsApp – you can Whatsapp your audio files to us using 07494 796808 from your smartphone.

You can also send us a file of less than 10MB via email – please attach and send to us at: anna.gresty@tptranscription.co.uk

Another option is to copy your files onto a CD or memory stick and post them to us at:

TP Transcription Limited
Pen y Banc
Ystrad Pont
LL16 4RW

We can handle all digital files including .m4a, .dss, .wav and .mp3 files through our own secure and encrypted SSL file upload service.

Looking for an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or Confidentiality Undertaking before uploading? No problem – just contact us and we’ll send one over.