Academic and Business Transcription Services

What audio formats can you work with?

We can work with most Digital Audio Formats including: AACACTAIFC (Compressed AIFF)AIFFAMRAPEAUCAF (Apple Core Audio Format)DCT (Express Dictate, MSRS, etc.)DS2 (DSS Pro)DSS (Grundig, Olympus, Philips recorder)DSP TrueSpeechDVF (Sony recorder)DVS (Royal recorder)FLACOGGM4AMP2MP3MPCMSV (Sony recorder)QCPRA / RM (RealAudio)SHNSPXVOCVOXWAV (Including ADPCM, aLaw, GSM 6.10,PCM, and uLaw codecs)WMA We can work with most Digital Video Formats including: 3G23GPASFAVIDivXDVFLVM4VMKVMOVMP4MPEGVOBWMV If…

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