Academic and Business Transcription Services

Why do you donate 10% of your profits to charity?

TP Transcription Limited was originally set up in 2001 as a subsidiary to Limited, a legal recruitment consultancy. We spotted a gap in the market in the East Midlands for a transcription company to assist with police station interviews and dictation. Limited was set up in 2000 with the guiding principle that it…

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How many transcribers do you have?

For our English to English transcription work we maintain a bank of 45 transcribers at Associate level. Our company has a further back up group of transcribers available as required. Most of our transcribers are accredited to the Transcription Society levels of Standard, Advanced or Expert (Jeffersonian transcription) and have many years’ experience. Most are…

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What sectors do you specialise in?

As transcribers we have covered just about everything you can think of. Whether it be television interviews in London, covert undercover recordings by government agencies in Liverpool, research interviews with retired fishermen in Canada or magazine articles for politicians in Brussels, we have covered the lot since we started in 2001. We have worked on…

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