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The Transcription Society – providing professionalism to the transcription industry

The Transcription Society ( was set up over 10 years ago with the aim to boost and promote an industry that traditionally has not had any cohesion or structure to it. Most transcription companies and businesses are sole traders or limited companies with one director and shareholder, and are operators working from home. They compete with each other for work and the marketplace is very intense. In fact it can be very difficult indeed to make a living from transcription alone because there are not the volumes of work there to be able to produce a viable amount of income.

Transcription Society Membership – Quality Guaranteed

Furthermore, the transcription business is hindered by the constant outsourcing of work to places like South Africa, Kenya and India.

Costs for UK based transcribers who work in the UK are still relatively high compared with using an overseas service. However, UK based transcribers provide an accurate and quality service compared with overseas companies. They are very often sought after by potential customers because the work of overseas transcribers is not particularly highly thought of.

Costs per minute in the industry have always been fairly high compared with other sectors, in terms of hours worked and price per hour for the work undertaken.

The aim of the Transcription Society is to promote both a service of transcription and also give some cohesion to the transcribers who work within the industry, promoting their work, providing a professional basis for their work and acting as a network for passing on any business they are unable to handle themselves. The Transcription Society also takes new business and refers it to members for them to consider and take on. There is an option on the Transcription Society page to ask for a quote from a number of different companies thus saving a potential customer considerable time phoning round or filling out online forms.

All Transcription Society members are vetted for quality of work and references are provided by customers. This gives the customer piece of mind that the company they are dealing with is a) established and b) highly thought of by their customers.

Costs for joining the Transcription Society vary according to the type of organisation applying for membership. However, the price is extremely reasonable and also includes the use of the Transcription Society logo on the members’ website.

For details of The Transcription Society and to find out how to join please visit