Academic and Business Transcription Services

Security and Confidentiality

Request a Transcription QuoteSecurity and Confidentiality are very important to the majority of our clients. We have worked for an international rock band on a defamation matter, for solicitors’ firms on child abuse cases, for a well known TV production company on a health & safety prosecution and many, many more where security of recordings and transcriptions is paramount.

Our company is CyberEssentials accredited, which is a UK government certification process for ensuring that our systems are secure. For details of the scheme please visit

CyberEssentialsWebsite Security
Our file transfers are kept on our own servers, which are under our control within our premises. All file transfers using internet services are encrypted. Both transcriptions and recordings are stored for as long as clients ask us to keep them, at no extra charge.

Office Location
Our offices are located in central London and North Wales. The North Wales offices store all our transcriptions and recordings. The London office has no recordings or transcriptions stored on site. The North Wales office is housed in a self-contained property, secured with a full alarm system.

Transcript Delivery
Transcripts are delivered as an unencrypted email attachment as standard, without password protection. We are very happy to provide transcription on CD, memory stick and via email with encryption. Similarly we can provide transcriptions directly from our server if preferred.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Undertakings
All our transcribers sign a confidentiality undertaking when they start work for TP Transcription Services. Most of our typists have been working with us for over 5 years. We regularly sign confidentiality undertakings for individual clients in addition to our existing non-disclosure policies.

Our Transcriptionists
TP Transcription Services use transcribers working from their own premises. However they are all UK citizens and have provided us with identification before commencing work. Our Managing Director, Anna Gresty, has BPSS UK Government (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) clearance. The BPSS check is the default employee screening standard used for anyone working within or on behalf of a government department and is basic entry-level standard that organisations are expected to meet – it tends to be a requirement for government contractors. The BPSS is being used as a screening template by many organisations including Government departments, suppliers and agencies.