Quality Transcription from Somewhere in the World
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Quality Transcription from Somewhere in the World

The Importance of Spelling for Transcription

One of the key requirements for providing a transcription service is the ability to spell in the language you are transcribing. Naturally it also includes the requirement to actually be able to detect and accurately transcribe the spoken words, something automated transcription services struggle with, but that’s another article..

Back to the spelling! We have received an advertisement in our inbox today which caught our eye. It made us smile and we thought it would make a good article subject.

Spot the Difference

See how many errors you can spot across the two adverts sent via email to us.

SSB English Transcription

Free Advertising for SSB English Transcription

Naturally we appreciate that this article gives free advertising to one of our competitors. Although they charge just ‘$0.5 per minite’ (sic), we feel safe in the knowledge that most of our clients will think twice before sending SSB any work…

How to Contact SSB

Interested in the low cost service? We are not sure where in the world the company are based, as a Google search came up blank. However their marketing is obviously quite extensive and you can contact them via the email address on the advert above.

Looking for Quality Transcription?

If you would like your audio files transcribed accurately by transcribers who can actually spell, feel free to contact us.