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TP Transcription Limited provides an encrypted email solution to all our clients, which means that when you send us recordings using our military grade SSL secure file upload service you can be guaranteed that your recordings will be kept with the

A very common quote request at the moment into TP Transcription and University Transcriptions is for the correction of the automatic (AI) transcription provided by Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The answer to this really depends on where you’re sending your data, because there are transcription companies around the world, quite literally thousands of them.

Beware the websites - are they really UK based?

You can be visiting a

It has recently been reported in Private Eye and the Evening Standard that lecturers at the University of Exeter have threatened industrial action over potential plans by the university to utilise their lectures as audio and video recordings and to use

We Go the Extra mile - Part 24

One of the major USPs (unique selling points) of TP Transcription Limited and University Transcriptions (our specialist academic arm) is that we go much, much further than any other transcription company.

In an announcement on the 28th June 2021 the EU have made two decisions that profoundly affect the transfer of data between the EU and the UK. The EU have decided that the UK GDPR and associated legislation are directly compatible with the EU GDPR, and

Time coding is very popular for a large number of our regular clients including university lecturers, academic researchers, podcasters and clients requiring transcription for legal proceedings. TP Transcription has been providing time coding as a service

One of the most popular questions we get asked by clients, in particular university researchers and academics who are undertaking ongoing research projects, is how safe is the data that we send you – what protection is there and how do we know that it is

A New Transcriber - 200 Words a Minute

We had a job application in to TP Transcription Towers this week from a potential transcriber who claimed to be able to type at 200 words a minute. This made uspay attention - what possibilities abound for a

'Cock a Doodle Doo' or 'Unclear'?

One of our transcribers has recently had the experience of transcribing a recording where a number of 'unclears' were noted. She reported that the 'unclears' were due to a cockerel crowing, something we have not

WE ARE RECRUITING! Transcribers sought for work. For details of our stringent recruitment process please visit

Producing podcasts and getting them on to the web is extremely straightforward and usually takes very little effort. The same applies for transcribing podcasts so that you can produce articles for your website or blog simply by having the audio file

Something that comes up quite frequently as a query is the question from academic staff as to whether we can undertake work for them on a personal basis when we are suppliers to their university. TP Transcription also trades as University Transcriptions

We have had an interesting note left on our blog this week by a European professional in the finance sector. The writer states that he speaks over 10 languages and converses regularly in all of them, but "fails to understand why people from Liverpool

We had a very unusual email today from a student at the University of Bristol who had completed our quote request form. When we followed up we received the following email from her:

Year end coming up for budget spend - don't forget that we are happy to invoice in advance of work being completed.. Email Anna Gresty MD -

Where did OK come from?

OK is one of the most common words in the English language, but it is just 150 years old. You can trace its roots back to the 19th century Boston (the USA location rather than the original Lincolnshire UK town) .

Yes and No

Yes is the quick answer but no to a number of specific courts, particularly in England and Wales.

An issue that often comes up in relation to transcription is when a client sends us a CD that has been commercially produced. Although it will simply play on a CD drive on a PC or laptop, it will not necessarily be particularly easy to copy.

I was put on the spot a little bit earlier today when fielding a call from an academic researcher who telephoned to ask for a quotation for eight hours of one to one interview transcriptions. She started the conversation by saying “tell me why I should

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