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A Question Regularly Asked

This question is coming up nearly every day from our EU based customers and institutions, as well as UK clients. #EUGDPR #UKGDPR

It is currently Living Wage Week #LivingWageWeek, an initiative run by the Living Wage Foundation to improve the lot of lower paid workers.

Translation is an incredibly difficult service to provided on an automated basis. Every language has its own special rules for the treatment of certain words and phrases, which makes the job of an AI robot millions of times harder than just #GoogleTransla

University Transcriptions (our sister site) has had a flood of enquiries from a number of universities in recent times as they get into full swing hosting virtual open days. #closedcaptions #SRTsubtitling #universityopendays

This week we received a job application from a transcriber who was looking to become one of our associates. She started to go through the process and completed our rigorous assessment before being rejected due to her poor quality transcription. #assholeor

Transcription work is tiring, time consuming and hard work. It has been described as mind-numbing, torturous and painful by professional transcribers themselves. #DIYtranscription #freetranscription

TP Transcription Limited and its sister site are proud to announce that they have become a preferred supplier for the University of Cambridge, a top five university in the world rankings and the University of Leeds, #preferr

As a company we have always used iPhones. Not sure why, but recently we have been asked the question numerous times - how do you record phone calls on an iPhone and are there any alternative or better options?

Android - A Better Alternative #android #rec

In July 2020, Appen, a large transcription, data annotation and AI assistance company, reported unauthorised access to its systems by a third party. #AppenDataBreach #ITsecurity

A Simple Trick

One of our transcribers has discovered this week that there is a trick to improving the quality of the audio recording for Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings. #improvezoomrecordings #zoomvideorecording

We have recently had a query from one of our regular clients on how to encrypt an MP3 file and send it to us for transcription.

There are three different options for doing this, so this article explores these. #encryptMP3file

The Importance of Spelling for Transcription

One of the key requirements for providing a transcription company is the ability to spell in the language you are transcribing. #spelling #SSBTranscription

Our sister site University Transcriptions has posted an interesting article on Gail Jefferson (1938-2008), the creator of the Jefferson Transcription System and pioneer of the study #GailJefferson

This is one of the most popular queries we get at the moment from clients - how to effectively record phone calls, interviews conducted remotely by phone and video conferencing. #iphonecallrecording #iphonerecordingapps #phonecallrecording

The TP Transcription team were busy on Friday night - transcribing the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards 2020 for BAFTA, concentrating particularly on the Winners' Acceptance Speeches. #BAFTAs #livetranscription

An article by Emily Fagan, Researcher for TP Transcription Limited.

To start with I’m not a very fast person typing at all andI tend to make quite a few errors, which I appreciate will rule me out working as a transcriber for TP Transcription #typingtest

We have noticed recently a new phenomenon since lockdown and the increasing numbers of people using Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to conduct meetings, conferences, interviews and discussions. #microsoftteam #Skypebusiness #speakingoverothe

Small businesses could use a boost. I’ve entered a @simplybusiness competition to win £10k to help start (or revive) my business. #TakeTheLeap via @simplybusiness

This article looks at how to ensure you have an accurate record of redundancy meetings and making sure you adhere to the requirements and the best ways of ensuring the recording is clear. #covertrecordings #redundancytranscription

How you should write 'lockdown' etc, funding withdrawal issues, nice testimonials, in house transcription and refer a friend. All in all another busy week at TP Transcription headquarters. #covid19spellings #fundingwithdrawal #inhousetranscription #preord

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