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MP3 Transcription

MPEG-1 or MPEG-2  file formats are commonly referred to as MP3. This is an audio file format that effectively squashes a larger file, compressing it down in size, and enabling sharing and transfer to other users.

MP3 Files – 7/10 for transcribing and ease of use

Sometimes the quality of files can be affected in this format, but it is not usually too bad.

For transcription work MP3 is fairly common, particularly on certain types of digital dictation machines. We strongly recommend using Olympus software and hardware because it is so easy to use and transfer files, but MP3 files are probably a close second.

The best way to transfer an MP3 file for transcription is via our secure SSL Servers. Simply click the ‘upload files’ option. We can handle file sizes of up to 1GB.

Alternatively you can use, Sendspace or another similar option.

We rate the MP3 format at 7/10 for transcription work. It is portable, does not lose as much quality as other compression options, but is still fairly bulky and unwieldy for file transfers. MP4 (short for MPEG-4 Part 14) files are the video versions of the MP3 audio files. Our transcription software allows for swift transcribing of these files without requiring conversion, so prices are usually very reasonable.

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