Live Transcription ‘to soar’ says UK transcription company
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Live Transcription ‘to soar’ says UK transcription company

Demand for Live Transcription Professionals is outstripping supply, says Anna Gresty, Managing Director of TP Transcription Limited. Cambridge University became the latest world-leading university to announce that all lectures were to be conducted remotely and online until at least the summer of 2021 and has increased the pressure on transcription companies to provide live transcription services.

Mrs Gresty said that demand for live transcription has been increasing over the past few years as technology moves forwards, but not always as rapidly in some areas as others.

“Whilst there are AI automated transcription services available, including Google Live Transcribe, at the same time there is a clear demand for expert transcribers able to assist with the transcription in real time of academic lectures, seminars, workshops etc.. This is a highly skilled task and often involves being able to distinguish between the different speakers, follow complicated and detailed arguments at fairly high speed and work with the end user to produce a document virtually instantaneously or within a matter of minutes.”

She cautions that this is extremely complicated high level transcription work.

“At TP Transcription Limited we tend to only use transcribers who have attained Expert Accreditation from the Transcription Society ( and have been with us for some years. It takes a high degree of skill, concentration and experience to follow a conversation live and transcribe it accurately.”

Having worked with BPP University for hard of hearing students requiring instantaneous transcription in order to take part in seminars, Mrs Gresty believes that there is a huge demand out there that will only increase if universities do more of their lectures and teaching programmes online.

“Schools are going to be in the same position and may well require instant transcripts of work undertaken on a particular day. Live Transcription Experts are going to be in massive demand and I suspect that at some point there is going to be a tremendous shortage as academics rush to book these services.”

What is Live Transcription?
Formerly associated with transcription of audio or video files for people with hearing difficulties requiring virtually instantaneous or real time written versions of speech. However, with the huge increase in remote academic lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops etc.., it has become a very popular service for all academics and students.

What can TP Transcription Limited offer?
We offer virtually instantaneous transcription, although we can provide an express service as well once a session is complete if preferred.

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