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This is a selection of the various sources of information and advice we provide to our clients on transcription, recording audio and video, details of our security systems, our services and much more.

10 Most Recent Articles

  • The benefits of working as a transcriber with TP Transcription Limited
    What’s it like working with TP Transcription Limited and University Transcriptions? An article from Jonathan Fagan, Director.
  • How do we communicate securely by email with you?
    TP Transcription Limited provides an encrypted email solution to all our clients, which means that when you send us recordings using our military grade SSL secure file upload service you can be guaranteed that your recordings will be kept with the tightest cyber security possible.
  • Instant Accurate Transcription
    Instant transcription – a premium service from TP Transcription. High quality transcribing for clients returned instantly. Premium price.
  • How to Correct Automated Transcription in Microsoft Teams and Zoom
    the easiest way of getting an automated transcription from Zoom or Teams corrected is to send the Zoom or Teams file directly to TP Transcription Limited using our upload file service, and we will transcribe the recording for you.
  • Is my data safe when I send it to transcription companies online?
    Is my data safe when I send it to transcription companies online? An article by TP Transcription Limited – specialist UK transcribers for business and academics.
  • University of Exeter Lecturers Threaten Industrial Action over Lecture Recordings
    University of Exeter Lecturers Threatening Industrial Action over Lecture Recordings – article from University Transcriptions.
  • Premium Services from TP Transcription
    One of the major USPs (unique selling points) of TP Transcription Limited and University Transcriptions (our specialist academic arm) is that we go much, much further than any other transcription company. We don’t just say this – we do it.
  • EU and UK GDPR – Complete Harmony?
    In an announcement on the 28th June 2021 the EU have made two decisions that profoundly affect the transfer of data between the EU and the UK. The EU have decided that the UK GDPR and associated legislation are directly compatible with the EU GDPR, and therefore the two systems remain aligned and will do so until 27th June 2025.
  • Time Coded Transcription
    Time coding is very popular for a large number of our regular clients including university lecturers, academic researchers, business podcasters and for legal proceedings. We have been providing time coding as a service for over 15 years and in most cases we do not charge a fee to add it in.
  • How Safe is My Data with TP Transcription?
    How Safe is My Data with TP Transcription? An article outlining data security for TP Transcription and University Transcriptions, specialist transcription companies for business and academics.