Our prices start from just 95p per minute

We are happy to broadcast this, unlike a lot of our competitors!

The cost of transcribing will vary according to the following factors, and it is worth requesting a quote from us before placing your order to ensure we get you the best possible price:

  • Length of Recording – we discount for bulk orders.
  • Level of Verbatim Detail Required – if you want a full or edited transcript.
  • Type of Recording – focus group, one to one interview, conference, meeting etc..
  • Turnaround Time – we cater for urgent recordings and ongoing contracts.
  • Subtitling Videos – we charge a higher price for this specialist work.
  • Translation/Transcription – if translation is required the price will be higher.

All prices exclude VAT. We sometimes charge for courier or administrative costs if the order includes CDs, DVDs, videos, tapes, documents or records.

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