The Transcription Society ( was set up over 10 years ago with the aim to boost and promote an industry that traditionally has not had any cohesion or structure to it. Most transcription companies and businesses are sole traders or limited companies with one director and shareholder, and are operators working from home. They compete with each other for work and the marketplace is very intense. In fact it can be very difficult indeed to make a living from transcription alone because there are not the volumes of work there to be able to produce a viable amount of income.

Transcription Society Membership – Quality Guaranteed

Furthermore, the transcription business is hindered by the constant outsourcing of work to places like South Africa, Kenya and India.

Costs for UK based transcribers who work in the UK are still relatively high compared with using an overseas service. However, UK based transcribers provide an accurate and quality service compared with overseas companies. They are very often sought after by potential customers because the work of overseas transcribers is not particularly highly thought of.

Costs per minute in the industry have always been fairly high compared with other sectors, in terms of hours worked and price per hour for the work undertaken.

The aim of the Transcription Society is to promote both a service of transcription and also give some cohesion to the transcribers who work within the industry, promoting their work, providing a professional basis for their work and acting as a network for passing on any business they are unable to handle themselves. The Transcription Society also takes new business and refers it to members for them to consider and take on. There is an option on the Transcription Society page to ask for a quote from a number of different companies thus saving a potential customer considerable time phoning round or filling out online forms.

All Transcription Society members are vetted for quality of work and references are provided by customers. This gives the customer piece of mind that the company they are dealing with is a) established and b) highly thought of by their customers.

Costs for joining the Transcription Society vary according to the type of organisation applying for membership. However, the price is extremely reasonable and also includes the use of the Transcription Society logo on the members’ website.

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MPEG-1 or MPEG-2  file formats are commonly referred to as MP3. This is an audio file format that effectively squashes a larger file, compressing it down in size, and enabling sharing and transfer to other users.

MP3 Files – 7/10 for transcribing and ease of use

Sometimes the quality of files can be affected in this format, but it is not usually too bad.

For transcription work MP3 is fairly common, particularly on certain types of digital dictation machines. We strongly recommend using Olympus software and hardware because it is so easy to use and transfer files, but MP3 files are probably a close second.

The best way to transfer an MP3 file for transcription is via our secure SSL Servers. Simply click the ‘upload files’ option. We can handle file sizes of up to 1GB.

Alternatively you can use, Sendspace or another similar option.

We rate the MP3 format at 7/10 for transcription work. It is portable, does not lose as much quality as other compression options, but is still fairly bulky and unwieldy for file transfers. MP4 (short for MPEG-4 Part 14) files are the video versions of the MP3 audio files. Our transcription software allows for swift transcribing of these files without requiring conversion, so prices are usually very reasonable.

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Quite often universities and academic institutions do not have banks of secretaries to do work.  Usually these institutions expect their academics to do their own typing and administrative work and the support staff usually have very defined roles that do not include typing or transcription.

So if you have a recording of some research for example, or a piece of work you require typing up how do you get this done quickly?

Outsourced Academic Transcription

Outsourced Transcription is a new phenomenon that has been around for some time but only recently utilised to a higher degree.  is a good example of one of these companies. You visit their website, get a quote and send the transcription company your recordings, whether by post (if on tape) or by e-mail or an FTP sending programme such as

All of these ways are free of charge (apart from the postage costs) and the transcription company will type up your work and send it back to you by e-mail as quickly as possible.

There are companies out there who promise a 45 minutes return on all transcriptions but most academic work does not require this level of speed. offer a fast service which usually is complete within 72 hours or a standard service which is either set at 14 days or open, depending on the size of the project.  The longer the return time the cheaper the work and in fact often the more accurate this is as the transcriber has longer to complete the work and does not feel rushed.

All typing work done by transcription companies is in confidence and you can ask that a confidentiality undertaking is given by both the company and the transcribers that work for it on an individual basis so that you can rest assured of the confidence of the people typing up the material. This is particularly relevant for health research projects, social studies and any celebrity or high profile interviews.

In summary if you need work transcribing it is better to outsource to an external typing provider such as than use an in-house one.

Finally we do not recommend using any company that outsources the work to India or South Africa as the number of spelling mistakes contained within these documents as well as geographical term errors etc can outweigh the benefits of doing the transcription in the first place. If you have a look at some of the examples given on company websites where work is outsourced to India you will see what we mean…


Transcription is a growing business and there are more and more companies, universities and government organisations outsourcing this as it is a cost effective way of ensuring staff do not use up considerable time sat typing out documents.

There is now a way to get free transcription for at least 3 months.

Free Transcription

There are a wide range of different types of transcript companies including one man or woman typists working from home and returning single documents, transcription agencies who process work on behalf of transcribers and get paid a percentage and larger sized transcription companies, some of which seem to have considerable funding behind them.

The free transcription comes from the larger companies.  We have done a check on the internet and estimate that most people could get three months of free transcription work, or alternatively build up a bank of projects that need transcribing and get them all done in one go without paying a penny.  A quick example of this is

UK Typing offer a free trial of transcription for one week and their website (as well as their advert on indicate that this can include as much transcription as you want for one week so that you can try their service before you buy.

There are at least several other companies doing exactly the same thing and you can see them by going onto  If you signed up for each of these companies and for the first week sent them as much material as you could in order to trial them, you could get your transcription free of charge for three months.

This could save you considerable sums of money, and perhaps you would then decide to go with one of these companies or go and find other companies who would be prepared to give you free trials as well. is an online transcription company established in 2001 who do not offer free trials under any circumstances but instead offer consistent and low cost services to a large bank of happy and contented customers, most of whom refer us on for further work from other sources….

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Welcome to TP Transcription and Typing Services, one of the UK’s most respected and established Outsourced Typing & Transcription Services.

Typing and Transcription

TP Transcription is an Online Transcription and Typing Service with a team of 40 UK-based transcribers offering digital file and analogue transcription, typing and transcribing services worldwide. Established in 2001 we have been handling bulk orders and one-off assignments for business, professional and academic clients including B&Q, the Home Office, the Office of Fair Trading, Solicitors firms, Architects, Edinburgh University, Birmingham University, University of Bath, Liverpool John Moores University, Dundee University, Bristol University and many more. We provide ongoing typing contracts and work on a one-off basis.

We provide Audio, Video and Digital Transcription and Typing Services (including DSS, WAV, WMA and MP3 digital files) to a range of individuals, businesses and firms. We have the capacity to process very large orders. Our transcribers are all based in the UK and we maintain a high standard of quality output. We do not outsource work to third parties in India or South Africa. Our transcribers are mainly experienced secretaries from the legal profesison, medicine or general business and most are educated to degree level and higher.


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